Wear comfortable and safe clothing: long trousers, closed shoes and tied up hair, gloves are recommended


Your safety:

As part of the application of safety rules related to the activity of climbing in the trees, it is recalled that the latter is practiced independently,
Supervision is provided by the park operators from the ground.
All persons wishing to practice the activity in the I Feel Wood park must accept the internal rules and regulations:

That their harness is fitted by an operator: this equipment is adjusted to your size, it is forbidden for participants to remove or adjust their safety equipment themselves.
To attend the explanation of the safety instructions in its entirety.
After the instructions, to carry out an introductory course necessary for the understanding of the handling of the equipment provided

Any initiative taken by a client that goes against these recommendations and the safety rules will result in the definitive exclusion of the client and any third parties without reimbursement.



The I Feel Wood park meets European safety standards and complies with AFNOR standards:
It can justify the following points:

  • Civil responsibility insurance
  • Annual certificate of phytosanitary control of the trees
  • Certificate of operation vs. technical control by a certified control office
  • Safety continuous lifeline standardised to meet European constraints: once the hook has been inserted on the continuous lifeline cable, it cannot be removed before the end of the course or only by the park staff.
  • CQP-OPAH training obtained by its operators

The park's operators are trained to supervise, monitor and intervene specifically for the tree climbing activity.